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Publication of 2018 Annual Report and Pillar 3 Report

Íslandsbanki has published an Annual Report and Pillar 3 Report for 2018.

Annual Report

This year’s report contains various information about the Bank’s 2018 operations, including a focus on its three business divisions and core subsidiary Íslandssjóðir, financials from the year and the digital strides achieved by the Bank during the year. The Bank’s strong emphasis on corporate social responsibility is also highlighted in the report as well as its support to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The report is in English and Icelandic and it is also well represented on the Íslandsbanki web.

Pillar 3 Report

Íslandsbanki’s Pillar 3 Report contains information on risk management, risk measurement, material risk exposures, capital adequacy and liquidity adequacy, in accordance with Icelandic law and European Regulation. The report should provide market participants and other stakeholders with information that facilitates a better understanding of the Bank’s risk profile and capital adequacy. The report is in English

The aforementioned information along on with other financial information can be found on the Íslandsbanki web.

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