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Annual Gen­eral Meet­ing 2023 – Res­ults

Íslandsbanki‘s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held today, Thursday 16 March 2023, in Norðurljós in Harpa Concert Hall, Reykjavík. Electronic participation was available.

The meeting agenda included conventional AGM matters whereas Finnur Árnason, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, presented the report of the Board of Directors and Birna Einarsdóttir, CEO, presented the Bank's annual financial statements for 2022 and discussed the main aspects of the Bank’s operations in 2022. The Bank’s annual financial statements and a proposal to pay a dividend of ISK 6.15 per share, amounting to approximately ISK 12,3 billion, were approved. The meeting decided that Ernst & Young would continue to serve as the Bank’s auditor.

The Board of Directors and alternates were elected by acclamation. The Board of Directors is now represented by the following seven Board members:

  • Agnar Tómas Möller
  • Anna Þórðardóttir
  • Ari Daníelsson
  • Finnur Árnason
  • Frosti Ólafsson
  • Guðrún Þorgeirsdóttir
  • Valgerður Hrund Skúladóttir

Finnur Árnason was re-elected the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors is now presented by the following alternates:

  • Herdís Gunnarsdóttir
  • Páll Grétar Steingrímsson

The Board of Directors’ proposal on the remuneration to the Board of Directors and compensation to the members of the Board’s sub-committees was approved by the AGM as well as the proposals to amend the Bank’s Remuneration Policy and Bank’s Nomination Committees’ Rules of Procedure. Moreover, the Board of Directors’ proposals to amend the Articles of Association, reflecting the powers of the Resolution Authority of the Central Bank of Iceland to exercise their resolution powers in accordance with the Act on Resolution of Credit Institutions and Investment Firms No. 70/2020, were approved.

The AGM approved the Board of Directors proposal on the authorisation to acquire on behalf of the Bank up to 10% of issued share capital of the Bank. The authorisation shall be used to set up a formal share repurchase program or for the purpose of offering shareholders generally to sell their shares to the Bank e.g., through auction where equal treatment of shareholders is ensured.

The attached document details the results of the meeting further.

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