UN Sustainable Development Goals

Íslandsbanki participates in various initiatives that support the four SDGs which the Bank has chosen to focus particularly on: education for all, gender equality, innovation and climate action.

The SDGs are based on three pillars of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental. Financial institutions' operations touch on many different aspects of the economy and inevitably affect most of the SDGs. The SDGs function as a unified whole, and Íslandsbanki supports them all. However, to sharpen its focus, the Bank has chosen to give particular support to four of them:

  • Nr. 4 quality education;
  • Nr. 5 gender equality;
  • Nr. 9 industry, innovation, and infrastructure;
  • Nr. 13 climate action.

Íslandsbanki supports good causes in its home community and abroad, either through direct financial support or in collaboration with others. The Bank attempts to focus in particular on projects that are clearly linked to the goals it has chosen to support.