Instructions: Paying extra on a loan

Instructions on how to pay extra on a loan in the online bank.

  • You can pay extra to your loan in the online bank. You click on summary loan and click on the lines on the right of the loan and select pay into the loan.
  • Select an amount and choose whether you want to have the over payment included in the amount or whether it should be added. Then just enter the security code and press pay.
  • If the option does not appear to you, then deposits are not allowed on the loan.

When is the best time to pay extra into a loan?

  • If you pay extra in to your loan, the excess payments go directly into the principal of the loan.
  • It does not matter what time of the month it is.

What is the cost of paying down a loan?

  • There is no charge to pay on a variable-rate loan.
  • Fixed-rate loans have an overpayment amount 1% but you can pay one million a year on the loan without cost.

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