Instructions: Direct debit and recurring payments

Direct debit

Our direct debit payment service simplifies expenses by automatically charging them to your account on the due date. If you have had a direct debit card account, a new direct debit account will be created for your new card.

We encourage you to monitor your card at the end of the following month to ensure the direct payment is transferred to the new card.

  • Open unpaid invoices
  • Select the account you want to use for direct debit
  • Click Register direct debit
  • Select the direct debit checking account.
  • Confirm the direct debit payment

Recurring card payments

You can only charge expenses to your credit card that you have requested, excluding loan payments. This applies to energy bills, phone bills, property taxes, nursery fees, subscriptions, etc. To pay fixed expenses using a credit card, you must contact the relevant company, municipality, or institution directly.

  • Domestic payments should be automatically transferred to a new card
  • Customers are responsible for transferring foreign money orders themselves.
  • Customers must monitor transfers to ensure successful transfers between cards.
  • If payment doesn't work, please update payment information with the retailer.