What is your carbon footprint?

Meniga’s Carbon Insight enables Íslandsbanki’s mobile banking app users to track their carbon footprint. The Meniga Carbon Index contains the carbon intensity value of approximately 80 spending categories, as weighed against a currency unit. The Carbon Insight solution informs, empowers and motivates customers to take action against their carbon emissions.

All transactions are categorised into specific spending categories, which estimate the carbon footprint of each transaction. Examples of spending categories include food, cars, transport, health, and personal care products, etc. Each spending category has a subcategory, e.g., food, which can include food purchases, fast food, convenience stores, ice cream shops, canteens, etc., as each subcategory has a different carbon footprint.

Your carbon footprint in the app


How do I activate the carbon footprint calculator?

  1. Open "Playstore" or "Appstore" for Android or Apple and update the Íslandsbanki app.
  2. Open the Íslandsbanki app and enter your security code.
  3. The home screen shows an overview of your accounts and the option to "estimate your carbon footprint."
  4. Choose "estimate carbon footprint".
  5. You need to accept the terms and conditions to activate the calculator.
  6. Your carbon footprint should show up on the screen as soon as you accept the terms and conditions.

Download the Íslandsbanki app for Android

Download the Íslandsbanki app for iOS