Car rental insurance

Liability Insurance and a Loss / Collision Damage Waiver when renting vehicles abroad.

Many of our cards offer car rental insurance.

The card insurance provides cardholders with Liability Insurance and a Loss / Collision Damage Waiver. Mandatory / Statutory Liability Insurance is not included in the card insurance and must be purchased directly from the car rental company.

You can obtain a statement on “Car Rental Insurance Information” in English, from VÍS. The statement includes information on the extent of the cover provided, and details on the insurer. You should keep the statement with you when travelling.

The cardholder must report any damage to the rental car in writing, as soon as possible, after returning home. The cardholder can also call the VÍS Damage Service (+354) 560 5000 if he / she needs assistance in reporting the damage. Íslandsbanki hf. is not responsible for the rejection of any card insurance by any car rental company. Cardholders are advised to check the insurance terms set out by the car rental company before finalising the rental agreement. See more about car rental insurance on the VÍS website.