Automated decision making

When you request a loan through digital solutions or the Bank's website, e.g., overdraft, credit card, car loan/contract or personal loan, the decision to grant you a loan is based on the automatic data processing of a credit assessment. When preparing the evaluation, we consider income, living expenses, business and payment history, assets and debt status, public information, and information from a financial information agency (Credit info). Other factors that may be important are also considered, e.g., loan-to-value ratio, legal status, credit checks and additional information that we ask you to provide when applying.

An automatic credit assessment also determines which business terms you will receive when applying for a personal loan.

This processing of personal data is a prerequisite for an agreement between us. However, you always have the right to express your opinion, question the decision and request that an employee review it by contacting the bank by telephone (440-4000) or through our secure online chat.