Íslandsbanki is built on a solid heritage of banking. The Bank has roots extending back to 1875 when the Álftaneshreppur Savings Bank, a regional savings bank in the south-western part of Iceland was founded, later merged with Hafnarfjördur Savings Bank in 1902. In the north of Iceland the regional Arnarneshreppur Savings Bank was founded in 1884, later merged with the Northern Savings Bank. Byr was then formed in the years 2007 and 2008 when these two merged with Kópavogur Savings Bank (1954) and the Machinists’ Savings Bank (1961).

“Old” Íslandsbanki was founded by international merchants in 1904 with the aim of supplying financing to the Icelandic industrial and fisheries sectors. Íslandsbanki, itself the product of a four-way merger, has for decades been instrumental in the consolidation of the Icelandic banking sector and, in so doing, improving its efficiency.

The Bank offers comprehensive financial services to households, corporations and professional investors in Iceland. The Bank has a strong market share across all domestic franchise areas that are Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Capital Markets and Wealth Management.

Íslandsbanki operates a diverse and efficient branch network with its branches strategically based in the Reykjavík metropolitan area and larger towns across the country.

Building on a heritage of lending to industry in Iceland, the Bank has developed specific expertise in two industry sector - seafood and geothermal energy - that together form the basis for its overseas strategy. With its focused approach in these fields, Íslandsbanki offers valuable services to industry players and investors.

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Last updated on 23 June 2015