Danske Bank to present new research report on Icelandic economy


Lars Christensen, Chief Analyst at Danske Bank, will present a new research report on the Icelandic economy on Tuesday 12 April. The presentation will be given on the report's publication date at a meeting held by Íslandsbanki's asset management arm, VÍB. This is Danske Bank's first research note on the Icelandic economy in four years. Its 2006 report, "Iceland: Geyser crisis", warned against a dark economic outlook, drawing widespread attention and sometimes harsh criticism in Iceland at the time.

The meeting will begin at 08:30am on 12 April and is open to VÍB customers and invited guests, as well as being viewable live on VÍB's website: vib.is. The event will be chaired by Ársæll Valfells, lecturer at the University of Iceland.

Stefán Sigurðsson, Managing Director of Íslandsbanki Wealth Management:

"We are delighted that Lars Christensen has accepted our invitation to give a presentation on Iceland's current economic situation and outlook. One of VÍB's roles is to promote high-quality discussion and exchange of opinion about investment, business and economic affairs. The harsh response against Danske Bank's report in 2006 should serve to remind us Icelanders of the value of constructive and informed dialogue. It will be particularly interesting to hear Danske Bank's current views on Iceland's recovery outlook."

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