Íslandsbanki in cooperation with LATTICE80 the world’s largest fintech hub


Íslandsbanki and LATTICE80 have signed a financial technology cooperation agreement. This spring, the Bank announced its intention to collaborate on developing future fintech solutions providing third-party access to information via secure web services. By using the Bank’s data, it will be possible to develop solutions aimed at providing customers with even better service.

Collaboration with LATTICE80 gives those who develop solutions in cooperation with the Bank a forum for dissemination of their products to a much larger international market. Currently the world’s largest fintech hub, LATTICE80 helps innovative start-ups to develop their products and market them internationally. Today LATTICE80 connects 11,000 start-ups in more than 200 cities.
Íslandsbanki and Reykjavík University recently announced a collaborative project where RU students and Íslandsbanki employees work together on research and development of new fintech solutions. LATTICE80 will strengthen that collaboration even more and will provide assistance with development of solutions for the banking system of the future.

Sigríður Hrefna Hrafnkelsdóttir, Director of Personal Banking:

“We are very proud to be a part of the world’s largest fintech community, and we see vast opportunities for our collaborators and their solutions. The financial market technology field is advancing by leaps and bounds, and we have already received a large number of strong applications since we announced our plans to open the Bank up to this type of collaboration. The Icelandic university community is enormously vital, and it provides robust support for rapid developments in Iceland. Cooperation with LATTICE80 will strengthen these developments still further and promote them in an international market, which is of critical importance for our collaborators.”

Joe Seunghyun Cho, Co-founder and Founding CEO:

“Iceland is one of the most unique places in the world. The culture and geographic location make Iceland a perfect hub to connect the US and European markets. 100% of the energy produced in Iceland is green and awareness of social responsibility is very high. Iceland will be the ideal place to develop and test next generation financial innovation that also has great social impact. We are extremely excited to partner with Islandsbanki to develop fintech solutions and support university students at the same time. Technology in this decade has been made accessible beyond geographical boundaries. We look forward to seeing great successes coming out of Iceland.”

London headquartered LATTICE80 is World’s Largest Fintech Hub with a global network of fintech and blockchain startups. It is building an ecosystem for startups, corporates, financial institutions, governments, and the public to collaborate, learn, and co-create. LATTICE80 opened the World’s largest Fintech Hub in Singapore in November 2016.

LATTICE80 KAYA Network currently connects over 11,000 fintech and blockchain startups and over 200,000 professions from investors, corporates, financial institutions, government organisations and more stakeholders within the Fintech and Blockchain ecosystems.

About Joe Seunghyun Cho:

Joe Seunghyun Cho is the Founding CEO at LATTICE80 & Co-founder and Chairman of Marvelstone Group. Marvelstone Group is a private investment group that develops and invests in growing businesses. With finance as its core strength, it also makes diversified investments in technology, real estate, infrastructure, energy and media. Headquartered in Singapore, the Marvelstone Group believes in the growth of Asia and seeks to be a cornerstone investor to bring forth positive development and social impact to local communities.

In his long investment career, Mr Cho has held various leadership positions from CEO of Yozma Ventures (including Managing Partner / Head of Private Equity of Yozma Group Asia) based out of Korea, to co-founding a hedge fund and asset management company.

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Íslandsbanki in cooperation with LATTICE80 the world’s largest fintech hub

This spring, the Bank announced its intention to collaborate on developing future fintech solutions providing third-party access to information via...More