Human Resources Strategy

Íslandsbanki's human resources strategy defines the bank's policy with regard to its staff in four areas:


  • A professional recruitment process based on non- discrimination and impartiality
  • Applicants should experience Íslandsbanki as an outstanding place to work
  • Recruit skilled and ambitious individuals with broad backgrounds in relevant jobs
  • The values of the bank and composition of its divisions shall be the guiding principles on which the selection of recruits is based
  • Efficient and professional welcoming of new recruits
  • Professional procedures for the termination of work contracts

Work Environment

  • Consideration is given to the family circumstances of employees
  • Flexible working hours where appropriate
  • Employees well informed about the activities of the bank and their opinions assessed on a regular basis
  • An environment that promotes the health and well- being of its employees, and in which intimidation and sexual harassment are not tolerated
  • An equal opportunities policy is observed
  • Good relations with the Staff Association (SÍ) and the Confed. of Icelandic Bank and Finance Employees (SSF)

Education, Training and Self-training

  • Investing in employees' know-how through a broad range of training activities and the systematic identification of requirements
  • Efficient training of new recruits to enable employees to swiftly integrate into their jobs and adapt
  • Well-trained staff who steadily increase their knowledge and disseminate it to their colleagues
  • Regular and constructive feedback on performance
  • Education and training is a joint function of management and staff
  • Employees are given the opportunity to tackle new projects, take on greater responsibilities in their work and to move between jobs, when possible

Teamwork and Atmosphere

  • Open, candid and constructive communication founded on mutual respect
  • Performance-driven culture which celebrates achievement
  • A stimulating and fun working environment
  • Employees participate in the development of the bank, which promotes employee initiative
  • Employees strive to strengthen teamwork and support each other
  • Employees "live the values"

Last updated on 11 November 2013