The outlook is for private consumption in 2018 to date to be slower than in the same period of 2017.
18.04.2018 - Other macro - Morgunkorn - Enska - Greining
​A smaller current account surplus, increased foreign investment by pension funds and other investors, and changes in foreign currency flows relating to the commercial banks are...
17.04.2018 - FX - Morgunkorn - Enska - Greining
We project that the consumer price index (CPI) will rise by 0.1% month-on-month in April.
12.04.2018 - Forecasts - Morgunkorn - Enska - Greining
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Íslandsbanki has today issued a SEK 1 billion 4NC3 Floating Rate Note senior unsecured bond, at a spread of 80 basis points over 3-month STIBOR.
19.04.2018 14:12 - IR Releases
This is a correction of the announcement from 16:59 05.04.2018 GMT.
06.04.2018 10:10 - IR Releases
Íslandsbanki hf. has today offered 6 and 12 month commercial paper to investors.
05.04.2018 17:14 - IR Releases
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