9-12 yrs

Young people can receive their first debit card in their ninth year.

Debit card

Young people aged 9 years and over can open an account and apply for a debit card at one of our branches or using Electronic ID. A parent or guardian must accompany them to sign the application.

Young people between the ages of 9 and 12 are not charged an annual fee or any transaction fees.

You can open an account and apply for a debit card online, using your electronic ID. The account can then be instantly accessed using the online bank or app. There you can activate the debit card and proceed to pay using a mobile phone or a smart watch.

Parents and guardians can apply for access to the account.

Future Plan Account

We encourage parents to help their children to set long-term and short-term savings goals that they can stick to.

Future Plan is an indexed savings account where the amount grows as your child grows. Savings are locked in until the age of 18.

Elec­tronic ID by phone

Electronic ID by phone is a safe and easy way to register with our online bank or app. You can also sign a number of documents using this ID.

Parents / guardians can apply for a certificate for individuals under the age of 18 on the Auðkenni website and therefore do not need to bring an applicant to the nearest branch / service station to have the Electronic ID activated. Persons under the age of 18 must present a valid ID (passport or driver's license) at a branch / service point when the Electronic ID is activated.