Regular savings

Automatically transferring money to a savings account each month is the most efficient and effective way to save. Choose a savings account to suit your needs and watch your money grow.

You can use Íslandsbanki Online Banking to choose the fixed sum and which account you would like it transferred to.

Next steps

You can use Íslandsbanki Online Banking to start regular savings

Benefit from regular saving

  • Saving takes care of itself
  • Saving becomes a habit
  • You can cover unexpected costs
  • You can buy the things that matter, without borrowing
  • You pay yourself interest instead of the bank

Automatic transfer

Automatically transferring money at the beginning of each month means that we do the work for you. You choose a fixed sum of money and increase or decrease the sum when it suits you.

In this way, saving money becomes the rule rather than the exception.

Regular transfers

Fund subscription

What are you saving for?

We all have different needs. Saving money means being able to afford the more expensive things in life. You can take that holiday or replace that fridge. You can do anything you like.

Compare savings plans

The table shows the relevant information on the different savings plans as well as their objectives.

Contingency savings

Expenditure savings

Long-term savings

Be prepared for unexpected costs

Saving for the things that matter to you

Saving for the future

Saving for any financial crisis

Saving for a dream holiday

Saving for a home

Grab the opportunity!

A new bike?

Rate of return on investment funds and pension plans