International Business

We offer services to companies operating at the international level, including currency, collection services, guarantees or international transactions.

Experience in international business

We can offer you a variety of international business solutions. We can also collect receivables.

Wire transfer

Wire transfers are generally a time-efficient and cheap solution for the recipient. The service takes at least two days. The online bank offers customers the option of paying international clients themselves and a receipt can be sent to the client via email.


The company can sell foreign cheques to the bank or ask us to collect cheques from international clients.

Guarantees for imports and exports

Guarantees offer finance and insurance for buyers and sellers of imports and exports. The buyer can be assured that the product will arrive before payment has been received and guarantees the payment.

Collection services for imports and exports

Our collection service takes on the role of administrator. We receive the import and/or export documentation and ensure that all business obligations are fulfilled in accordance with the documentation (either in direct cooperation with the buyer or with the international bank in question). The guarantee option is more secure whereas the collection option is less expensive.

Currency services

We offer expert advice on currency matters. We work in close cooperation with leading international financial institutions who provide the most accurate information on the present and future status of markets which is then shared with our customers.

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