Broker­age and advisory

Íslandsbanki provides investors with access to equity and bond markets, as well as foreign exchange trading services, and offers various solutions to mitigate risk in operations. Íslandsbanki also assists companies and individuals in the purchase and sale of companies, share capital increases, acquisitions and mergers and other ownership related changes.

Corporate Finance

Our Corporate Finance team has longstanding and comprehensive experience with  all aspects of mergers and acquisitions of private companies, including project management, valuations, preparation of Heads of Terms and Share Purchase Agreements. Our team of specialists also offers companies, municipalities and other institutional investors comprehensive services regarding IPOs, bond offerings and listings of all types of securities on the regulated market.

Atli Rafn Björns­son

Executive Director

Send e-mail+354 844 4739

Ellert Hlöðvers­son

Project Manager

Send e-mail+354 844 4536

Eyjólfur Berg Axels­son

Project Manager

Send e-mail+354 844 4463

Guðmundur Helgi Finnboga­son


Send e-mail+354 844 4731

Íris Kára­dóttir


Send e-mail+354 844 3539

Rafn Árnason

Project Manager

Send e-mail+354 844 4974

Elvar Þór Karls­son


Send e-mail+354 844 2891

Jón Kristinn Björgvins­son


Send e-mail+354 844 2529

Hildur Karen Haralds­dóttir


Send e-mail+354 844 2860

Harpa Hjartardóttir


Send e-mail+354 869 2555

Andrea Björnsdóttir


Send e-mail+354 844 3244

For­eign Ex­change Broker­age Ser­vices

Our foreign exchange brokerage service deals with the sale and purchase of currency. Our customers include large and medium sized businesses involved in the import and export of goods as well as businesses that need to manage their interest and foreign exchange risk.

Þórhallur Sverris­son


Send e-mail+354 844 4870

Guðmundur Magnús Daðason

Foreign Exchange Broker

Send e-mail+354 844 4481

Ragnar Garðars­son

Foreign Exchange Broker

Send e-mail+354 844 2613

Nikulás Árni Sigfús­son

Foreign Exchange Broker

Send e-mail+354 844 2680

Stock Broker­age Ser­vices

We are one of the biggest providers of stock brokerage services in Iceland. We offer professional investors access to share and bond markets and investments in derivatives.

Ingvar Arnar­son


Send e-mail+354 844 3897

Ómar Özcan

Stock Broker

Send e-mail+354 844 2911

Lárus Bolla­son

Stock Broker

Send e-mail+354 844 4677

Rúnar Steinn Benedikts­son

Stock Broker

Send e-mail+354 844 2619

Geir Oddur Ólafsson

Stock Broker

Send e-mail+354 844 2679

Helena Kristín Brynjólfs­dóttir

Stock Broker

Send e-mail+354 844 2627

In­vestor Pro­tec­tion

Investors are advised to read the following information as well as Íslandsbanki's rules and regulations concerning securities trading.