Student loans

An overdraft can make all the difference when you need to bridge the gap before receiving your student loan from LÍN. We offer an overdraft of up to 90% of your LÍN loan. Electronic ID will make the process faster and easier.

Student loan

You can create a new card-free debit account for the loan. There is no need to create a new one, if you have previously taken out a student loan with us.

We will set up the loan to meet your specific needs, as soon as the payment plan from LÍN becomes available. You can request this via online chat, e-mail, telephone or at the nearest Íslandsbanki branch.

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    Studying abroad

    We can provide you with a loan in the currency of the country where you will be studying. You can then choose to have the amount transferred to a debit card account or paid directly into an account via telephone transaction. Students studying abroad pay half the normal fee charged for telephone transactions.

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      Loans via our app

      Do you need to cover unexpected costs? You can secure a loan in the Íslandsbanki app within minutes. The loan is specifically tailored to your needs, with the best possible terms available to you.

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        Private Pension Plans

        If you are working part-time or just working during the summer break, then you can start saving for your future with our personal pension plans.

        Are you missing out on a 2% salary raise? If you contribute 2 - 4% of your monthly income to your private pension plan and your employer will add a 2% contribution.

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        Calculate your pension

        Do you want to see how much equity you could have at retirement? The results depend on the information you provide. Calculate your pension now.

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        We want to lighten the load by offering products and services, specifically designed for your needs.


        Start saving now. Automatically transferring money to a savings account each month is the most efficient and effective way to save.

        Home saver account

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        Interest Rise

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          Choose a card to suit your lifestyle. Have a look at our credit card and debit options and apply for either a credit card or a debit card within minutes.

          Students aged 18-23 will receive 150 free debit card transactions per year and will not have to pay the first annual fee if they apply for a general prepaid card or general credit card.

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            When you pay for the things you need, we pay you some of it back. You can use the Fríða app to choose a special offer and then pay with your debit card. The rebate will be paid back into your account on the 18th of every month. Use the Íslandsbanki app to take advantage of everything Fríða has to offer.

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              App and online banking

              You can manage your money whenever and wherever you are by using our app or the online bank.

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