Champions' Month

Objectives should be achievable. Take part in our Champions' Month this February and failure will no longer be an option!

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What can you achieve?

Objectives come in all shapes and sizes. You set the tone- it's your month!

Champions' Month isn't just about those typical New Year's resolutions like hitting the gym or eating well. It can be about restructuring or making changes that matter. You might want to spend more time with your family or take the time to review your financial wellbeing.

Champions' Month

The right focus can be a game changer when it comes to mastering objectives. A few simple rules will set you on the path to success and help you to exceed even your own expectations.

Set objectives that really matter

Setting objectives that really matter to you can make all the difference. We are motivated by the things that we need or want the most. Your accomplishments will bring you new confidence and help you to commit to change.

The be SMART rule is a system to help you choose the right objectives. The rule suggests that all objectives should be:

S- Specific: Identify uncomplicated and clear objectives

M- Measurable: When and how are you going to complete the task

A- Attainable: Flexibility is essential

R- Realistic: Don't attempt the impossible

T- Timely: Set a timeline for achievement

Write it down
Write a list of objectives and a specific plan on how to achieve each one. The mind often complicates the uncomplicated. Writing it down can help organise your thoughts and put things in perspective.

Take one step at a time
Identify and separate your objectives into small and simple steps. Small manageable objectives are achievable and often lead to much larger accomplishments.

Stay on track
Mastering an objective isn't something that you stumble upon accidentally. Be focused and committed and remind yourself why this matters to you.

Never give up

Nobody said this would be easy. Giving up isn't an option. Be proud of the successes and never admit defeat. The things that you couldn't change are simply challenges for the future. Share your thoughts with the people you trust and see if they can help you move forward when you feel stuck.

Create a savings plan!

Start saving for the things that matter to you. Be prepared for those unexpected costs.

The secret to saving is simplicity. Choose a fixed sum of money, with or without an investment option and we will automatically transfer it to your savings account each month. We do the work for you.

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What is a Champions' Month?