Professional Investors

Our professional Investor service is designed for pension funds, other smaller funds, institutions and businesses. We use our expertise to create unique solutions for your specific needs. Our professional investors take into account the client's situation and the level of service is decided in consultation with him.

Solutions to meet your specific needs

Services provided by experienced Business Managers

  • A personal service based on expert advice
  • Reports, overview of returns, performance and risk assessment
  • Assistance in providing an investment plan
  • Professional advice from experts
  • Access to a diverse range of domestic and foreign bonds*
  • Full confidentiality

Discretionary Asset Management

Why choose Discretionary Asset Manangement?

We manage your portfolio, and investments are made in accordance with a predetermined investment policy.

Investor Pro­tec­tion

Investors are encouraged to study carefully the Act on Securities Transactions and the Regulation on Investor Protection and the Business Conduct of Financial Undertakings. 

See Investor Protection

Asset Management

Why seek Expert Advice?

You are actively involved in investment decisions, but we give you the expert advice you need to grow your wealth.

Custody Services

Why choose Custody Services?

We provide a service for the safekeeping, and reporting of securities. We analyse portfolios and provide detailed reports according to customer needs.

Professional Investors

Selma Filippusdóttir

Business Manager

Send email+354 844 4902

Haraldur Gunnarsson

Business Manager

Send email+354 844 4962

Kolbrún Kolbeinsdóttir

Business Manager

Send email+354 844 4857