Daily Operations

Our corporate banking division is committed to meeting your daily business needs and exceeding your expectations.

A productive partnership

We have the expertise required to meet your daily business requirements. We believe that active cooperation is the key to creating solutions for your unique daily operational challenges.

Corporate services at our various branches

We offer corporate services at many of our branches, nationwide. We offer expert advice, active cooperation and experience to help you excel in your business environment.

Collection services

Our collection services provide an effective and efficient solution for all businesses. The service saves time and money and gives a better overview of company accounts.

We offer the following options:

  • Create claims, alter them or remove them via the online corporate bank
  • Collect membership fees for organisations or housing associations
  • Collect the monthly rent from a tenant
  • Connect the collection service to the accounts system
  • Send reminders for unpaid accounts
  • Create a choice payment system

Please contact us for more information.