We support our businesses

We are committed to supporting businesses through this crisis by alleviating some of the pressure.

We can offer the temporary suspension of repayments and interest on loans for up to six months. This is part of an agreement, reached by lenders, to temporarily suspend repayments as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. Suspended repayments will be added to the principal amount and the lending period will be extended, according to the number of payments suspended.

Businesses wishing to apply for help must be able to show that they were financially stable before the Covid-19 pandemic affected their operations and that they were not in arrears with the bank for more than 60 days before the end of February 2020.

The aforementioned solutions, designed for companies selling goods and services, can only be applied for if the company in question has already taken advantage of the solutions offered by the government.

You can apply for the temporary suspension of payments by filling out the application form below.  You can also speak to your advisor or business advisor at the bank by telephoning them or sending them an email.

Here you can find more information about the government's actions

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