Contactless Card Payments

Our contactless payment method is a touch free method of payment.

You can use your contactless-enabled card wherever you see the universal contactless symbol (shown here).

Contactless payments are secure and are fast becoming a popular payment method worldwide.

Activating the contactless payment method

You can activate your Contactless card by completing a normal Chip and PIN transaction first.


  • Touch free payments for smaller amounts
  • Certain limits due to security issues
  • Total amount of ISK 7,500 each time
  • Total amount of ISK 15,000 between PIN-based transactions
  • You can enter your PIN to restart the touch free option

Tap and pay with your mobile

Tap and pay with your mobile by accessing our card app. The option is activated once a contactless card is chosen within the app.


  • Transactions are made easier
  • Your normal withdrawal limit applies
  • The mobile phone must be locked using a PIN number or other security measure to enable contactless payments
  • Payment is confirmed when the phone is unlocked within a set time limit
  • The security lock on your mobile may need to be reconfirmed