Statistics Iceland’s (SI) CPI measurement for September changes our forecast of the Central Bank (CBI) Monetary Policy Committee’s (MPC) next interest rate decision, to be...
30.09.2016 - Other macro - Morgunkorn - Enska - Greining
Twelve-month inflation doubled in September, according to newly published figures from Statistics Iceland (SI).
30.09.2016 - Other macro - Morgunkorn - Enska
We forecast relatively robust GDP growth for Iceland in 2016 and 2017, or 4.9% and 5.1%, respectively – a stronger growth rate than has been measured in Iceland since 2007.
28.09.2016 - Forecasts - Morgunkorn - Enska
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Íslandsbanki hf. has today concluded an offering of covered bonds.
15.09.2016 18:21 - IR Releases
Íslandsbanki hf. will be holding an auction on covered bonds Thursday 15th September 2016.
13.09.2016 09:33 - IR Releases
Íslandsbanki hf. has today offered 3 and 6 month commercial paper to investors.
08.09.2016 17:49 - IR Releases
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