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Íslandsbanki seafood indexes

Íslandsbanki maintains three seafood industry indexes which measure the performance of the underlying stocks. Each index contains the 15 largest publicly traded companies, by market capitalization, in the Americas, Europe and Asia, Oceania & Africa. Companies are ranked within each index based on market capitalization and the free float number of shares.


Company Name
Aquachile SA
Pesquera Exalmar SA
Australis Seafoods SA
Multiexport Foods SA
CIA Pesquera Camanchaca SA
Copeinca ASA
Austral Group SAA
Blumar SA
High Liner Foods Inc
Clearwater Seafoods Inc
Sociedad Pesquera Coloso
Empresa Pesquera Eperva SA
Omega Protein Corp.
Pesquera Iquique-Guanaye
Invertec Pesquera Mar De Chiloe SA


Company Name
Marine Harvest
Cermaq ASA
Leroey Seafood G
Austevoll Seafood
Salmar ASA
Bakkafrost P/F
Morpol ASA
Russian Sea Group
Grandi HF
Aker Seafoods
Grieg Seafood AS
Norway Pelagic
Scottish Salmon
Norway Royal Salmon


Company Name
Dalian Zhangzidao Fishery Group Co.
Thai Union Frozen Products Public Co. Ltd.
Shandong Homey Aquatic Dev.t Co. Ltd.
Nippon Suisan
Maruha Nichiro Holdings, Inc.
China Fishery Group Limited
Oceana Group Ltd
Dongwon Indus
Pacific Andes Resources Dev.
Shandong Oriental Ocean Sci-Tech Co. Ltd.
Dahu Aquaculture Co. Ltd.
China Ocean Reso
Zhanjiang Guolian Aquatic Products Co.
Sanford Ltd.
Cnfc Overseas Fishery Co