The CPI rose only modestly in August, due mainly to declining travel and transport prices. Inflation was below the Central Bank’s (CBI) 2.5% inflation target in August, for the...
27.08.2014 - Other macro - Morgunkorn - Enska
This month showed no great improvement in the Gallup Consumer Confidence Index (CCI), even after last month’s steep decline.
27.08.2014 - Morgunkorn - Enska - Other macro
Data from Isavia on space allocations at Keflavík Airport (KEF) during the period from 26 October 2014 to 25 March 2015 indicate that the number of passengers travelling through...
21.08.2014 - Morgunkorn - Enska - Other macro
Following the EFTA Court advisory opinion on the indexation of mortgage lending in Iceland as published 28 August 2014, Íslandsbanki would like to make known the following:
28.08.2014 - IR Releases
Dr. Daniel Levin, board director in Íslandsbanki has resigned.
22.08.2014 - IR Releases
Profit after tax was ISK 6.4bn in 2Q14 (2Q13: ISK 6.6bn), and ISK 14.7bn in1H14 (1H13: ISK 11.2bn)
22.08.2014 - IR Releases
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