Financial Calendar

Financial Calendar

Íslandsbanki plans to publish its interim and annual financial statements according to the below financial calendar.

  • Silent period 11 – 21 August 2014
  • 2Q14 – 22 Aug 2014
  • Silent period 9 – 19 November 2014
  • 3Q14 – 20 Nov 2014
  • 4Q14 – Feb 2015

Please note that the dates are subject to change.

Silent Periods

Íslandsbanki will be in a "silent period" for 10 days prior to the publication of interim and full year financial results and will not comment on the Bank’s financial performance or outlook. During this time, we will not hold meetings with analysts, investors or other market participants, make presentations at financial conferences, or hold discussions/conference calls with investors and analysts where general financial performance or expectations will be discussed.

Please visit Financials for further information on Íslandsbanki’s interim and annual financial accounts.

Regarding the AGM

Shareholders should submit issues and/or recommendations to be discussed at the AGM no later than two weeks before the meeting in accordance with Article 88 of the Act respecting Public Limited Companies No. 2/1995. Candidacy for the Board of Directors must be notified in writing no later than five days before the Annual General Meeting in accordance with Article 63 a. of the same Act.

Last updated on July 16 2014